Old London Road Tattoos

Old London Road Tattoos, is a custom tattoo and piercing studio in the heart of Kingston Upon Thames.
With a world renowned reputation for quality custom tattoos and piercings in a relaxed and welcoming environment.
You can call the shop or email us to arrange a consultation with one of our artists or check for booking availability.

Contact Details:
Tel: 0208 549 4705
Email: oldlondonroadtattoos@yahoo.co.uk


Please can people reblog this to boost the signal! We want everyone to know whats going on so they can participate! Lots of studios are taking part in this so if Old London Road Tattoo’s is to far for you to travel to. Check out the page linked below they have a list of studios taking part!

*****Old London Road Tattoo’s Charity Event*****

Old London Road Tattoos are now doing Tattoos to raise money for the Philippines! Following the disaster, there has been a wave of charity tattoos done to raise proceeds for the Red Cross relief fund.

Tattoos are of the design attached and start from £40+. All the proceeds go to the Red Cross. So dig deep and start booking to help those in need.

To book call 0208 549 4705, email oldlondonroadtattoos@yahoo.co.uk or pop into the studio.



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